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Left 4 Dead VS Config

Here are some tips, if you want to move all the bots over to the survivors team, follow these few steps

At the game menu click > Options > Keyboard/Mouse > Enable the Developer Console

In the console, type

1. sv_lan 1
2. sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
3. net_start
4. Choose your map. Type map and hit space. You will be able to see a list of maps bellow. Maps with VS are versus maps.
5. Punch in sv_cheats 1
6. sb_all_bot_team 1


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  Terry wrote @

I am trying to play with another PC hooked up via our Netgear wireless router. I’m following your steps and can see the other player but can’t join a game, keeps telling me can’t join a single player game. can’t find any maps that have VS in them, they are all like this :
map l4d_airport01_greenhouse , is this why I can’t hook up with them?


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