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Simpang Pulai Mission Trip

Last few weeks, I had another mission trip to Simpang Pulai and then a resting trip up to Cameron. We went with a team of nine. We left on 16 March for mission trip and came back on 18 March. Well, the whole trip was very fun. We visited the pastor’s church and manage to visit a couple of other villages. The first village that we went was blocked by a landslide so we had to walk for 40 mins in and out. LOL. I manage to snap snap with my camera. So here are some images from the mission trip and the Cameron trip. It was a quite nice weather and a nice drive there. 🙂

Mission Trip
firstly!! Comes the food! This is our dinner, the ikan bakar Ipoh….
this is mine, the chicken chop rice which only cost RM4.30
well, i hated the taste of Ipoh Loh Mai Kai!! 😦
this was taken during our visit to the first kampung of the day, Marwan in a daze…..
the transport used to travel around
white pan mee…. very oily indeed
a group picture with the kids, well. tracy is always busy with her boy friend!! 😛
a group of them sitting on my car 😛
my sister sponsored 45 toy cars for the kids, their faces were the best picture you can have when they got the toys
this is Jerry Boy’s little friend, not very little tho… but its a jungle spider
Cameron Trip

this picture is taken at the Cactus Valley in Camerons

some red cactus here…..:)

this is where we get mountain water, its along the Simpang Pulai road up to Camerons

Ipoh’s salted chicken shop

this black and white picture is taken near the pastor’s church, it is an abandoned house

the mist dew up in Gunung Brinchang

hmmm….. the human scarecrow in the BOH Tea Farm!! Jk JK! 😛

a picture I took in the BOH Tea Farm….

our mission trip group in BOH Tea Farm

this is taken in Cactus Valley

this guy must have taken the wrong way down to town

We visited a few places, including the Brinchang night market and the Raju Strawberry Farm, own by one of my dad’s friends 😛

signing off for now – dixon –