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The Jungle Adventure

On the 25th of January, a few of us went for some jungle hiking in FRIM. Well, we had to pay…. to get in, that’s very obvious since it is own by our non generous government which wants to make money out of plants… well. We still went in. LOL. We decided to create our own trail upstream. Climbing mini waterfalls and streams… slippery rocks, cold waters, thick bushes…. well… all that was kinda new experience for everyone. 🙂 Here are some pictures that I manage to capture before my N95 and Canon 30D went for a swim in the cold water. Well, managed to safe them. :0 Thank God!!

the pictures are posted straight from the camera. Color saturation was not locked.

everyone!! this is ben. aaron’s cousin
well, the girls kinda enjoyed it as well
rocks with moss and dead logs
introducing out pathfinder, jared!! LOL
this was quite a challenge for us, steep, slippery and high
the army behind the leaves, denise, aaron and jean
dun really know wad plant is this…. lol. but looks nice and cute
the water was refreshing and ready to drink already 🙂