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The Blog Neglection

Hello guys, I am back after taking one month of from blogging. Just to busy and hard to squeeze time in to blog. Well, finally… its the exam week again. One week to exams, no… I think its 2 days more!! 2 days of suffering and then 34 days of holiday!! I will do a quick recap on my intresting month of June right after my exam. Have a bunch of pictures to post up and loads of stories to tell. 🙂 Gadgets to review many things are in Q.

This are the list of things that I have pushed out
– Canon 30D + Batt grip and CF Card
– Dell Inspiron 640M

well….. wait!! There is more to come after my exams!! Out and In… 😛 As for now.. back to my studies. Computer Graphics and Design for User Interaction…. Two subjects.. but the are the killer for me! TTYL!! 😀