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Left 4 Dead LAN Config

Well, guys…. You don’t have to patch to play LAN in Left 4 Dead. Here are the steps to play LAN. Good for home LAN parties. Haha!! 🙂

At the game menu click > Options > Keyboard/Mouse > Enable the Developer Console

In the console, type

1. sv_lan 1
2. sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
3. net_start
4. Choose your map. Type map and hit space. You will be able to see a list of maps bellow. Maps with VS are versus maps.




  Felipe wrote @

Don´t need Hamachi….just a LAN connection??

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Haha!! Yup!! Sure. you dun need to use Hamachi. Just use the console. 🙂

  yap wrote @

Still play. Csteamclient getiSteamGameServer error SteamGamesSrver008 not defined. Pls update emulator.?

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Oh… i have never got that error b4. Are you a steam owner? If u are. Do not log in. Or you might wana try GGPatch if all does not work. The last resort is GGPatch.

  noob wrote @

thank you very much

but how can i select difficulty?

  noob wrote @

sorry guy

i already know it

i’m really noob – -a

  chllaer kumar wrote @

bund maraa behen ke lode

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Hey hey!! Hi there. Hmmm…..difficulty? Hit ESC then take a vote to change difficulty. Or you can console [ z_difficulty Expert ] or to follow on. No brackets.

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Haha!! its ok. well try the different modes and let me know how everything goes!! Happy playing!! 🙂

You can add me in MSN if you want 🙂


  animalistix wrote @

I cant play on LAN with my friends. Says should login to steam etc. Anything I could do with that?

  yo wrote @

thanks man helped me heapss!

  Mattarack wrote @

How do the other players connect?, do they just connect to your ip?

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

yup. Just make sure u type this in you console

sv_lan 1
sv_allow_ lobby 0

  Bubz wrote @

Does one need Steam to play this way?

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Nope… you do not need steam to play it 🙂

  Zephyr wrote @

Wht do u mean by typing in the console?? where is the console?

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

To enable the L4D console. you have to enter options > keyboard and mouse > developer console. Activate it there 🙂

  julle wrote @

erm it says restricted to local clients (class c) , when i use “Connect ”

what to do?

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Make sure you have the same map on the pc 🙂

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Heyhey, can you kindly provide me your IP address and ur IP settings, I think i know wads the problem already.

  MHell wrote @

HI, uhm, i have a problem with versus maps. None of us can join the “dead” side, what shall i do?

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Check the link on my page, the VS config

  jeffery wrote @

why i take long time to join a game?

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Make sure your L4D versions on all computers are the same. Please do make sure the firewall allows L4D through the network.

  S.D wrote @

Hi, I was checkin your comments here, i think they’re amazing but they didnt quite work with me. I dono how to connect 2 computers together on LAN

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

How come it dint work? 🙂

  S.D wrote @

actually it did now lol but is there anyway to choose ur characters? 🙂

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

the updates for L4D will be uploaded soon 🙂 Check back 🙂

  Admin wrote @

You can choose your character. But only in the new versions survival mode.

You can download the update on this blog.

  BukoJuice wrote @

same question as above animalistix

I cant play on LAN with my friends. Says should login to steam etc. Anything I could do with that?

  Smiddi wrote @

Hey, forgive me for the dumb question, but how do u access left for dead without steam?

  luciddreamer wrote @

When i tried this i get a error saying rejected . I dunno never got it before , but last night i did. Can anyone help?

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

May i know the error code please? Make sure you have activated the allow lobby option. Is this L4D survivor mode?

  bävern wrote @

This will not work for me and ym friend we keep getting failed after 10 retries we are using a cracked left 4 dead and i have done exactly what you told me to HELP ME!

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Ok. you must make sure that the installation is done properly. Make sure your firewall is off or unblocked for the L4D application.
Check the IP address that you are connecting to. Please make sure its the right one.

  Hunter wrote @

I get the error: “Expected 1015, got 1010”

  bävern wrote @

WE will try that for the next time!

  renzo wrote @

it still doesn’t work..

it says, whenever i try to connect, to log-in to steam..

what should i do?

  Qreste wrote @

How do I join the game from other PCs on my network? I can create a map on one pc, that’s fine. But when I go to the Campaign menu to join with my second pc, it says I should login to steam.

Thank you.

  olim wrote @

hey! when i try to set up a lan my freinds can’t join! 😦 we get the ‘failed after 10 retries’ and sometimes restricted to local clients (class c) we have the same maps though!

  Yojo wrote @

Uhm…i cant get up this console….i activated it in options but it doesnt happend anything when i click the button….='(
help anyone?

  alex wrote @

Probably the console is mapped to another button.
Check config.

  eener wrote @

Hit the ` key for the console. the little key above the tab key.

  dj wrote @

you need to press the tild key to get into console. Activate console in options and then press tild key…

  Grayfish wrote @

Ok what game type do i start before i type these commands.

  Jeremy wrote @

Hi there! I’ve been playing left 4 dead in versus mode over the lan for quite sometime now. We were using the first version of left 4 dead (the one with walking zombies at the main menu). Just recently, my friend and I patched our left 4 dead to version (crash course patch). Now we can’t switch teams in versus mode. We can only do co-op mode. What did I do wrong? Thanks

  lifeatzerogravity wrote @

Hi there, nice to hear from you. This are the things you must take note.

Installing the Update
Installing the No Steam Patch
Installing the Survival Update

Have you obtained all this 3 installations?

  Jeremy wrote @

Hi, thanks for replying.
Hmmm. I’m not sure but the patch that I downloaded is like an update for the No Steam version for left 4 dead. It’s got the survival mode (lighthouse) and the Crash Course Map already. It’s basically like a 3 in one patch. But if you have a different update, no steam patch, and survival update, could you please send me the download links? Thanks a lot.

  puug wrote @

hey guys, can i play lan if i have downloaded it from the net ??? (it s not original…a pirate copy)

  Baakk wrote @

How to pop on console? even though i enable, it dosent appear when starting game

  Antwon wrote @

Hey, I’m fairly certain i have done everything properly leaving me with a question. My l4d isn’t exactly installed, regards of Skullptura, so will that prevent this from working? when i attempt to connect the connecting machine says it gave up after 10 retries. this is after sv_lan 1 sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 and net_start have been entered. i take the Ip spewed out after net_start and type connect ***.***.*.* on the other computer but to no avail. tried before and after choosing the map. Help much appreciated thanks

  Antwon wrote @

Sorry for my ignorance i have solved my problem thanks you very much for your little tut

  anitha1234 wrote @

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