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Left 4 Dead Review (PT2)

Woah… finally, here is the second part of my Left 4 Dead review. Well…. besides the singel player and the multiplayer co-op mode, L4D also have the versus mode. 8 players are allowed to compete in the versus mode. You will have the choice of joining the survivors or the infected. Both the teams have their own pros and cons. Lets see, for the survivors, you obviously have the advantage of taking in more damage, healing yourself, having a gun to shoot around and the pipe bomb to attract stupid infected. Haha!! On the infected side, though the infected bosses are easy to die, but on the brighter side, they spawn faster!! And well, boomers have the whole army of infected to back them up. As for me, I rather play as the infected. 🙂

Here are some tips, if you want to move all the bots to the survivors team, follow these few steps

At the game menu click > Options > Keyboard/Mouse > Enable the Developer Console

In the console, type

1. sv_lan 1
2. sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
3. net_start
4. Choose your map. Type map and hit space. You will be able to see a list of maps bellow. Maps with VS are versus maps.
5. Punch in sv_cheats 1
6. sb_all_bot_team 1

and wallah!! there you go….


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