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My New Seat Post

Few weeks ago before the big international race in Kenyir, I bought myself a secondhand seatpost for my GIANT bike. First off, the color!! Finally I manage to change my seatpost color to black. Since the color theme for my bike is Yellow and Black, so yea…. Secondly, the weight, my bike went lighter by 130 grams!! 😀 Awesome!! The original price for this seatpost is RM 380, I managed to get is for RM 50!! 😀 This is a pic of my seatpost. thomson_elite_30_9_seatpost_367


My Exam Results

Hello guys, I have been neglecting my blog for sometime, feel more like a long time. Well, got tired of blogging and got caught up in alot of work here and there. My exam result came out quite well I guess. 2B’s? Yes…. my sister is not very happy with me tho, and come to think of it, I am not very satisfied with my results as well. Looks like I have to put in more effort this semester. With the work and the money building up, its kinda hard, Keep Trying!!