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Family Reunion 2009

Last Sunday we had a family reunion dinner nearby my house at some chinese restaurant. The dinner was a 9 course dinner and it was an awesome one. 🙂 After the dinner we headed to Old Town Coffee for some supper. Haha!! Or should I say second dinner. 🙂 And the time finally come!! Photo taking session, being limited to my Nokia N95 camera, the pictures turned out not bad. Kinda forget to take my SLR and having a problem of dirt in the camera….sigh.


My New B.U.M Shoes

Yay Yay!! My Chinese New Year shoe!! My sister bought me a pair of B.U.M shoes. Well!! I love it!! Its my favorite color oso. 🙂 The shoe had to be widened for my foot!! Haha!! But nonetheless, I love the shoe very much 🙂 Domo oneechan for the shoes. Its very comfortable and nice!! 😀 Domo

Marwano’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Marwano!! Last week, one of my college friends had his birthday party at Picadilly in section 14, PJ. Well, and glad to say that the food there was totally awesome!! The so far nice and affordable food place. The environment was nice and warm. Here are some pictures for the birthday. 🙂

My New Bank

Wooohooo!! I have finally applied for my new bank account. CIMB bank. The best thing is, I was planning to open this bank account from November last year. But due to time constrain, I never had the time to walk into the bank to apply. Everything went fine, but I just hate filling up their forms. It is just so so misleading!! But the service is awesome!! Expecially the online banking. 🙂


New Semester

Aha!! A new semester has arrived. Not as cramp as the previous semester. But yea…. The best part of this semester is, I only have class on Thursday and Saturday. Thursday full day, but Saturday half day. LOL. One fully coursework subject and one with exam. Well, I am looking forward to learning more from Multimedia. Another challenge is learning Adobe CS4. Assignments will be pouring in soon cause this is a short semester. All the best to everyone!! 🙂

My 2009 Goals

Minor Goals

– train cycling for the next triathlons (dateline Jun & July)
~ bringing home two top ten international certificates and medals
– gain mass and not fats
– improve on FPS games
– get good grades in semester exams
Major Goals

– do well in the FGA Easter presentation
– learn kick boxing
– learn German and Japanese [* on terms]
– own an LG Cookie for my long term phone and planner
– own an Polar FT60 without G1 for my health purpose and training purpose
– improve my companies accounts and sales
– own one pair of Everlast boxing and grappling gloves

[ list to be updated due to changes in life ]

the LG Cookie looks very tempting for me
well, this is the Polar FT80….cos a bomb…. not sure if i can achieve this…
well, this is perfect for me. Cycling, running, swimming, gym, basically multi sport
Everlast boxing gloves
Everlast grappling gloves

Cameron Trip

Finally, i found some time to edit and convert the pictures. Well, here are some shots I took in Cameron Highlands. Nothing much to talk about, except… the trip was awesome. Except the part where is twisted my thumb out of place!! Haha!! 🙂 The pictures are not reconverted to web colors, so some of them may be desaturated….

well, we here are playing boggle… LOL
the Tan family and their maid at the BOH tea farm cafe
here we have the Goon and the Liu family at the BOH tea farm cafe
here is my mum and dad, picture take in the Smoke House
Jared and his Mum
my family here in front of the Smoke House
the Goon family in front of the Smoke House

mother and daughter together
here is the Liu family at some french resort